Garths Mitsi Colt GTO



    The team at Henson & Murray were recommended to me after our local machine shop in Tauranga, were too busy to rebuild my mate, Deano's, Chrysler 360v8 motor in his '70s American jet boat.   He took down a big box of bits, a destroyed 60 thou over block, and they gave him back an awesome tough engine which just makes his boat fly. 


    Anyway, enough about that.   I own a 1974 Mitsubishi Colt GTO, and have owned it for about 9 years now.  It has been a slow restoration project over the years, and I am pleased to say it is finally on the road now.


   The motor itself was quite tired, being the original motor that came with the car, and had done 195 000 km.   Being a numbers matching car, their's no way I was going to retrofit a later model engine, so it really came down to the decision of having the motor rebuilt.   So down to Scott & Brian at Henson & Murray it went. 


   After talking with them for a bit, about what modifications we could do, (while still keeping the factory twin carburettor set up), it was suggested to rebore the block, send the cam away for more of a performance grind, increase the valve spring tension for extra revs, and balance everything.


    Well!!!   What a difference.   The standard gearing means the engine is already spinning at 3200 rpm for 100 km/h, in 5th, so from there to around, 6500 or so redline, makes the car very fun to drive.   And being a weekend car, it's going to get driven how it should be.   I know it's no EVO, but there's more than enough engine there to put a smile on your face.  Especially when you're overtaking Deano's '74 Datsun  180b SSS.  (Who by the way, is making noises that he needs to take his engine to them as well).


     Scott and Brian, and of course Leanne in the office, have been great to deal with, very friendly and very accommodating.   The boys know how to tailor your performance engine rebuild to how you intend to use it.    If you were thinking of having any kind of engine work done, I would not hesitate in recommending them for the job, you will not be disappointed.


   Thank you very much.


Garth Burgener

Te Puke