The RMC V80 is a true simultaneous 3 axis, PC based CNC controlled machining centre. We have also had a 4th axis enabled. This machine is extremely accurate, using, firstly, operator inputted parameters then fine tuning with an automated coordinate measuring device which generates faster & more accurate data input which is then stored for future use making future jobs extremely fast.  Our machine is big enough to do all but the very biggest of motors in New Zealand. It is also capable of machining very small jobs & also conventional CNC milling jobs.  The computer employs a simple conversational menu driven programming which minimises human error. It also uses conventional "G" coding capabilities, this enables programing of unusual jobs by our staff.

Scania V8 16 Block 

Oversize liners, decking of block & interpolating the liner recesses in a Scania  V8 16 Block for Cable Price

Liner recesses & upper press fit machining

Cutting liner recesses & machining counter bore for oversize upper press fit liners



Align boring on the new CNC Machine Centre

Traditional align boring was completed with a horizontal bar, this posed the problem that when completed on a large job each main tunnel would need to be checked and altered manually for accuracy as the bar had the ability to sag. 

The new machine completes each main tunnel independently and can be programed within 0.00000 mm of accuracy, this accuracy translates to less wear, improving longevity.

Chamfering lower counter bores

Lower salvage sleeves can often be larger than the diameter of the upper hole. The RMC CNC can go through the upper  hole and auto offset back to centre. 

This is by far the most accurate way to re-sleeve and chamfer lower counter bores, with exact alignment with the upper bore. 

Milling main bearing caps

We are now capable of machining semi finished or new caps to absolute correct width and height for precise fit. 

New fixture for machining build ups on O/S width main caps, mounting caps tight in block register & centre to the centre line of the tunnel. 

Cat C15

A  short video of our new RMC CNC machine line boring a Cat C15 block

Lifter bore spot facing 

Lifter bore spot facing is necessary to clean up and square the rough casting prior to lifter boring 

Small Block Chev Probing 

Probing bores and decks gives you all the necessary information prior to boring and decking

Small Block Chev 

Blueprint finish bore program with web offset cut

Head Bolt Repair