Scania 12

Liners & Cam Bearings 

Scania 12, clean ready for machining

Bored for oversize liners & new cam bearings fitted.

Scania Head bolt hole repair 


Scania 12,13,14 & 16 head bolt hole crack repair 

Preventing coolant from leaking into the bolt hole & engine oil. 

Combined with an upper counter bore repair sleeve, this is a strong, leak-proof repair!

Machining the fire ring grooves on Scania 14 ltr V8

We machine these using probe centres from manufactures dimensions, allowing machining of the grooves fast and accurate.  

Scania 16L V8 block. 

Upper counter bore repair sleeves & line bore 

Scania 12 CNC Line bore

Fast & Accurate 

Scania 12 litre overhauled heads

New valve guides, exhaust valves & valve stem seals, cut valve seats, refaced heads & machined fire ring grooves.